Green Tea Lemonade

August 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about the benefits of green tea.  It’s hailed as a metabolism boosting, cancer-preventing, fat-burning, antioxidant-packed beverage… what’s not to love!?  I’ve never been a fan of hot drinks, so the fact that Green Tea delivers the same benefits regardless of whether you drink it hot or cold was a huge plus for me when I decided to start incorporating this miracle drink into my diet.

Unfortunately, having spent most of my summers sipping on sweet & tangy homemade lemon tea or sampling some of the “Best stuff on Earth”, I was in for a reality check when I brewed up my first batch of  plain old green tea and (after chilling it in the fridge) tasted it. 

It tasted like dirt-water.  Where was the flavor?  This weakly flavored water was (of course) nothing like the generously sugared homemade sweet tea I usually found in a well-used pitcher in the fridge.  Despite its fabulous reputation, I couldn’t bring myself to finish the pitcher of green tea and ended up dumping it down the drain.  Of course, I realized that adding sugar would have improved the taste, but I had been trying to avoid addd sugar and wanted to drink the green tea for its benefits which would have been largely negated by the heavy punch of calories that sugar would have added on.  I thought that my road to green tea health ended here.

Which is why I was beyond thrilled when my sister introduced me to a new (healthy!) way to drink green tea that was not only bearable but delicious!  (Since she told me about it 5 days ago, I’ve drunk two pitchers by myself).  It’s green tea (cancer-fighting antioxidants and all!) but with the added flavor of lemon and sweetened by Stevia (in the raw).  Not only is this tea a super low calorie beverage (the only calories come from the lemon, which puts you at about 8 calories per 2 cup serving).  The lemon juice is an added health bonus, as it is contains calcium, Vitamin C, and magnesium (even if you use bottled lemon juice, as I do).


Recipe: Green Tea Lemonade

(makes 1 gallon of tea)

12 green tea bags (or, if your tea bags are a different size, follow the instructions on your box to make 1 gallon worth of tea)

1 cup lemon

18 packets Stevia

Brew tea as directed on box.  Before adding the cold water, stir in Stevia.  Pour into cold water, add lemon juice, stir well.

(Note:  Despite my sweet tooth, I like my summertime lemon-tea to have a little bit of a lemon bite to it, and this recipe delivers just that.  If that’s not your thing, feel free to reduce the amount of lemon)

Enjoy! [PHOTO]

What’s your favorite summertime drink?


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