A little bit about me…

Hi I’m Sam!

Or, Samantha, if you prefer.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog!

I’m 22 years old with my B.S. in Psychology. I graduated last year and have been working full-time since then as a research assistant.  I come from a large family (I’m the oldest of 6 kids, my youngest sister is just 7 years old).

Please note, I am NOT a registered dietician and have no training in the medical field. (Though, if I could stomach the thought of going back to school and taking chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry that would be my next career choice).

I’m just someone with a strong interest in health, fitness, and mostly food (particularly of the sweet variety), and I am loving this internet opportunity to share with anyone else who might have the same interests! Most of my posts will feature healthy options, but watch out for the ones labled danger, sometimes I just can’t help myself and get so excited over a dessert that I have to share it, healthy or not.

Also, though I like to focus a lot on healthy options, this blog is not solely a health food blog.  I love food, and I love it when the food I’m enjoying is healthy, but, well, sometimes my sugar-craving sweet tooth takes the reins and the next thing you know I’m elbow deep in a bowl of buttery, sugary, melted chocoalte-y brownie batter.  I have no regrets.  If I’ve spent all week eating healthy, balanced meals and working out regularly, than it’s OK  to make a batch of cookies to enjoy on the weekend.  Baking desserts has always been one of my favorite ways to relax and unwind, and it still is a favorite hobby of mine and not one I’m willing to give up anytime soon! Living well is all about learning to balance, and so on my blog you can balance a healthy egg white and spinach sandwich for breakfast with an unscrupulous brownie for dessert.

I hope you find some recipes that you like here on my blog and I look forward to receiving your feedback.  Thanks again for checking out my site!




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